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hi Andy glad to see whats happening and your off again and returning to lome. thank you so much for this elinks very good, just a notes for any hobos in the Australian area, tourist card are a rip off from the cuban embassy, l got one posted to me from london. 20 quid. where the cuban embassy wants $110 plus proceeding fees on top, and thats paying for them to post it back to you!!!!

its confusing where the best place to get a tourist card (visa) cuban embassy is the usual place and realistic cost, than a travel agent. but where else and the life of it, l plan to go there in august and extend for another 30 days. anyone know thanks

USA warning on Cholera in Cuba http://www.abqjournal.com/251537/abqnewsseeker/u-s-travel-advisory-warns-of-cholera-in-cuba.html

It is easy for Americans to travel to Cuba, they just cannot leave from the USA, or use an ATM machines. Cuba does not stamp your passport, and the only people prosecuted admitted they went to Cuba.

Bookstore opens in Havana for English http://skift.com/2013/08/10/cuba-libro-brings-english-language-books-to-tourists-and-expats-in-havana/

How easy is it for Americans to tra vel to Cuba?